AIOps from Broadcom

AIOps (Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations) refers to the use of AI, machine learning, and data science to analyze large volumes of monitoring data and derive actionable insights.
Broadcom’s AIOps combines end-to-end monitoring and advanced algorithms, AI and ML with automation. This enables IT departments to resolve complex IT issues before they negatively impact day-to-day business.

DX Application Performance Management

Broadcom's DX Application Performance Management (APM) is a solution for monitoring and managing application performance in enterprise environments. It provides insights into the performance of applications to ensure they run efficiently and meet user expectations.

Detailed monitoring:

DX APM provides detailed insights into application performance, from the code level to back-end systems and databases.

End-to-end transaction tracking:

This feature allows organizations to track transactions across different systems and services to identify bottlenecks or issues.

Artificial Intelligence:

DX APM uses advanced algorithms to automatically detect anomalies in application performance and send notifications.

Cloud integration:

The solution is cloud-enabled and can be deployed in on-premise environments as well as in the cloud.

User experience monitoring:

DX APM monitors not only back-end performance, but also the user experience to ensure that applications run smoothly and without delays.


The solution can scale across large enterprise environments to monitor thousands of applications and services.

DX Operational Intelligence

Broadcom's DX Operational Intelligence is a solution for monitoring and analyzing IT operations. It provides organizations with visibility into their IT infrastructure and applications to optimize performance, availability and security. DX Operational Intelligence is designed to help organizations improve the efficiency, reliability and security of their IT operations. It provides the tools and insights needed to ensure IT systems are functioning optimally and meeting business needs.

Real-time monitoring:

Continuously monitors the performance and availability of applications, networks and infrastructure.

Anomaly detection:

Machine learning allows the solution to detect anomalies in the data and trigger alerts before they develop into major problems.


The solution provides dashboards and reports that allow IT teams to easily monitor the health and performance of their systems.

Automated actions:

When problems are identified, the solution can trigger automated actions for remediation or escalation.


DX Operational Intelligence can be integrated with other Broadcom solutions and third-party tools to provide a comprehensive view of the IT environment.


The solution is designed to keep pace with a company's growth to support large and complex IT environments.


By analyzing the collected data, companies can identify potential savings and optimize their IT operations.

DX Infrastructure Management

DX Infrastructure Management (DX IM) from Broadcom is a solution for monitoring and managing IT infrastructures. It enables companies to monitor, analyze and optimize the performance and availability of their IT infrastructure. DX Infrastructure Management aims to help IT teams maximize the performance of their infrastructure, minimize downtime and ensure a better user experience.

Comprehensive monitoring:

DX IM provides monitoring capabilities for a wide range of IT components, including servers, networks, databases, applications and more.

Alerting and notification:

In the event of performance issues or outages, administrators can be notified through various channels such as email, SMS or integrations with other tools.

Analysis and reporting:

DX IM provides detailed analysis and reporting on IT infrastructure performance and availability to identify bottlenecks and problem areas.


DX IM can be integrated with other Broadcom solutions and third-party tools to provide a more comprehensive IT management solution.

Cloud and on-premise deployment:

Depending on the needs of the business, DX IM can be deployed in the cloud or on-premise.


The solution can be deployed in both small and large enterprise environments and scales as needed.

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