Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations (AIOps)

Optimize and automate the IT operations of your Cloud infrastructure with the help of artificial intelligence and AIOps.

Our IT infrastructure solution for an innovative IT operating approach.

Reliable IT operation of an IT infrastructure is a decisive factor for the business viability of your company in order to ensure the availability of the cloud infrastructure. When integrating an IT operating model, it is advisable to establish an approach that is as standardized and efficient as possible. With Broadcom’s AIOps solution, you can break down the silo structure in your company and implement innovative IT operations based on agile operations.

AIOps (Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations) refers to the use of AI, machine learning and data science to analyze large volumes of monitoring data from IT operations and gain actionable insights for the cloud infrastructure.

Broadcom’s AIOps combines end-to-end IT infrastructure monitoring with advanced algorithms, AI and ML with automation. Your IT department solves the complex challenges of IT operations management before they negatively impact day-to-day business.

As an IT consulting company and managed service provider, we support you in automating and optimizing the IT operations of your IT infrastructure in a Hybrid Cloud, a Multi-Cloud or an on-premise data center.

Benefit from the possibilities of AI technologies and establish agile operations in your company with the help of AIOps.

With AIOps as your IT infrastructure solution, you can maintain a complete overview even in a complex enterprise architecture.

Infrastructure monitoring

Gain transparent insights into every resource in your entire Hybrid Cloud and Multi-Cloud environment, including performance monitoring at application and infrastructure level. Complete end-to-end monitoring of the IT infrastructure is an important part of any IT operations management. The AIOps solution enables you to immediately detect and respond to an IT component failure in order to minimize recovery time (RTO) as part of business continuity management.

Standardization of IT operations

Shorten your IT operations management processes with a standardized IT operating model in your IT infrastructure. Shorter decision-making paths and clearly defined operating processes allow you to react more quickly to potential outages or new requirements. This keeps your cloud infrastructure up to date and increases its reliability. The AIOps IT infrastructure solution supports you in streamlining your operating processes.

Agile operations

New changes are constantly arising in a digital transformation. Reduce time-to-market and react dynamically to new requirements by adopting an agile IT operations approach. The IT infrastructure solution AIOps supports you in the integration of agile operations. However, establishing an agile way of working is primarily a mindset change within your organization, which you can drive forward via a change management program.

Cost optimization

Take advantage of cost reduction in the Hybrid Cloud or Multi-Cloud and scale your IT resources on the basis of cloud monitoring. Analyzing usage data as part of infrastructure monitoring enables you to identify potential cost savings.

AIOps as an innovative IT infrastructure solution for efficient IT operations management

DX Application Performance Management

Broadcom's DX Application Performance Management (APM) is designed to monitor and manage application performance in enterprise environments. To ensure that applications run efficiently within the IT infrastructure and meet user expectations, APM provides insight into the performance of applications.

Performance Monitoring:

DX APM offers you comprehensive insights into the performance of applications, from the code level to backend systems and databases.

End-to-end transaction tracking:

This feature allows you to track transactions across different systems and services to identify bottlenecks or problems.

Artificial Intelligence:

DX APM uses advanced algorithms to automatically detect anomalies in application performance and send notifications.

Cloud integration:

The solution can be used both on-premise and in a Hybrid Cloud or a Multi-Cloud.

User experience monitoring:

DX Application Performance Management not only monitors backend performance, but also the user experience to ensure that applications run smoothly and without delays.


The solution can scale across large enterprise environments to monitor thousands of applications and services.

DX Operational Intelligence

DX Operational Intelligence from Broadcom is used to monitor and analyze IT operations. The solution provides you with insights into the IT infrastructure and applications to optimize performance, availability and security. DX Operational Intelligence was developed to improve the efficiency, reliability and security of IT operations. It gives you the tools and insights you need to ensure your IT systems are performing optimally and meeting business requirements.

Real-time monitoring:

Monitors the performance and availability of applications, networks and infrastructure continuously and in real time.

Anomaly detection:

Using machine learning, DX Operational Intelligence detects anomalies in the data and triggers alarms before major problems arise.


DX Operational Intelligence provides dashboards and reports that allow your IT teams to easily monitor system health and performance.


As soon as problems are identified, automated actions are triggered to rectify or escalate them.


DX Operational Intelligence can be integrated with other Broadcom solutions and third-party tools to provide a comprehensive view of the IT environment.


The solution is designed to keep pace with the growth of your business to support larger and more complex IT environments.


By analyzing the collected data, users can identify potential savings and optimize their IT operations.

DX Infrastructure Management

DX Infrastructure Management (DX IM) from Broadcom is used to monitor and manage IT infrastructures. With this solution, you can monitor, analyze and optimize the performance and availability of your IT environment. DX Infrastructure Management helps your IT team maximize infrastructure performance, minimize downtime and ensure a better user experience.

Comprehensive infrastructure monitoring:

DX IM provides monitoring capabilities for a wide range of IT components, including servers, networks, databases, applications and more.

Alerting and notification:

In the event of performance issues or outages, administrators can be notified through various channels such as email, SMS or integrations with other tools.

Analysis and reporting:

DX IM offers you detailed analyses and reports on the performance and availability of the IT infrastructure in order to identify bottlenecks and problem areas.


DX IM can be integrated with other Broadcom solutions and third-party tools to provide a more comprehensive IT management solution.

Cloud and on-premise deployment:

Depending on the needs of the business, DX IM can be deployed in the Cloud or on-premise.


The solution is used in companies of all sizes and scales according to requirements.

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Integration of AIOps into an enterprise architecture

As an IT consulting company and managed service provider, we support you in optimizing your IT operations management. Establish a reliable, secure, transparent and cost-efficient IT operating model with the AIOps IT infrastructure solution from Broadcom to stabilize and ensure business viability.

Whether greenfield or brownfield approach - with our proven end-to-end MAXXOps approach, we support you in the integration of AIOps.

Due to the complexity of an IT infrastructure and the associated IT operations management in particular, a holistic approach is a matter of course for us as an IT consulting company. We accompany our customers along the entire digital transformation journey, drawing on our proven end-to-end MAXXOps approach. This approach defines a clear procedure for the integration of a new IT infrastructure solution such as AIOps.

  1. Maturity level and needs analysis
  2. Target definition and gap analysis
  3. Definition of the scope, design and documentation of the target processes
  4. Joint implementation phase and project execution
  5. Support and further development

Whether you already have an existing IT operations solution or are looking for a completely new solution: Using the MAXXOps approach, we enable a brownfield or greenfield implementation of AIOps. As an IT consulting company, we also support you with a possible exit from your existing operating solution and a transition to the AIOps solution.

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