Our consulting

Take measure and stay on the ball

Our experts can help you develop and implement an effective IT strategy that meets your business needs. We evaluate suitable technologies, plan your IT projects and help you optimize your IT resources.

Our consulting services go beyond the standard and offer customized solutions for your company’s specific challenges.

Our team’s high level of expertise, characterized by numerous certifications, including ITIL, as well as vendor certifications from our technology partners such as CA/Broadcom, DriveLock, Ivanti, USU, Deskcenter and baramundi, enables us to design up-to-date and sound solutions and provide first-class service.

Some of our employees have declarations of no objection. This underscores our commitment to data privacy and information security.

The extensive project management experience of our team guarantees the successful and timely implementation of complex IT projects.

We remain flexible

Our consulting practice focuses on both the standard and the individual. We address your specific requirements and develop unique solutions that fit perfectly into your environment. Our spectrum ranges from the adaptation of an existing solution to the development of a customized tool.

We write FAIRNESS in capital letters

Our goal is to achieve the best based on our extensive knowledge and harmonious cooperation. This philosophy is not only felt by our customers, but also by the long-standing partnerships we have established with our manufacturers. The cooperation runs smoothly and efficiently.

We always advise on a case-by-case basis, remaining independent

Our customized software solutions are the result of a thorough analysis and therefore deserve this name. They are of course based on ITIL and include a best practice guide. Through a gap analysis, we determine your company-specific requirements and work with you to develop a target picture. This target picture serves as the basis for the selection of all future measures and tools.

We implement

Our consultants implement all the specified steps with great care. This includes activities such as optimizing existing components, implementing new components, and integrating existing components. Against a backdrop of ever-increasing requirements and newly developed technologies, we conduct regular reviews to determine what tasks need to be completed for you.

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