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Comprehensive IT solutions for your company

MAXXYS AG sees itself as a leading provider of specific IT solutions that are specifically geared to the business success of its customers.

We provide comprehensive IT consulting services with the goal of developing effective IT strategies to best meet our clients’ business needs.

Whether it’s evaluating technologies, planning IT projects or optimizing IT resources – our claim is to make a significant contribution to your business success with our consulting services and know-how and to make your business processes more efficient.

As a reliable partner, our primary goal is to ensure operations and comprehensively cover our customers’ business requirements.

Our expertise also extends to the area of IT security, where we implement effective solutions such as encryption technologies and access control systems.

In addition, we conduct regular security audits to identify potential weaknesses at an early stage and initiate appropriate countermeasures.

The extensive project management experience of our team guarantees the successful and timely implementation of complex IT projects.


Our experts can help you develop and implement an effective IT strategy that meets your business needs. We evaluate suitable technologies, plan your IT projects and help you optimize your IT resources.

Our consulting services go beyond the standard and offer customized solutions for your company’s specific challenges.


We offer first-class first- and second-level support to keep your IT infrastructure running smoothly. Our support team provides comprehensive assistance with software updates and upgrades as part of product changes. We also provide support and maintenance for operating systems, application software, databases and other systems.

Our trained IT experts are available to share best practices and assist with troubleshooting. We ensure that your employees can use the IT systems effectively by providing them with technical support.

MAXXOps | We connect IT solutions

By regularly reviewing the company’s infrastructure and identifying requirements and resources, investments can be made more quickly and efficiently, resulting in a higher ROI.

The MAXXOps service provides a comprehensive overview of the entire infrastructure in five phases:

  1. Maturity and needs analysis
  2. Target definition and gap analysis
  3. Definition of the scope, design and documentation of the target processes
  4. Joint implementation phase and project execution
  5. Support and further development

These steps provide you with a detailed analysis of your business infrastructure, identify bottlenecks and opportunities for optimization, and implement targeted measures. This allows you to target your investments and achieve a higher return on investment.

Managed service provider

With MAXXYS Managed Service, we offer you centrally managed software solutions, efficient IT security and a stable IT infrastructure,
and a stable IT infrastructure. And that on a subscription basis, without your own resources.

Our MAXXYS Managed Service closes this gap. By providing centrally managed software solutions, we can ensure efficient IT security and a robust IT infrastructure that enables your business to meet today’s demands while facing future challenges with confidence-all on a subscription basis, without tying up your own resources.

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