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We, MAXXYS AG, are a renowned provider of IT software solutions specializing in several core areas of information technology. Our core competencies are in the areas of Endpoint Management, Endpoint Protection, IT Service Management, Automation and IT Operations. By partnering with industry-leading software vendors for many years and combining these areas of expertise, we can provide a comprehensive IT strategy that is both efficient and secure.

In the area of endpoint management and protection, we work with leading software manufacturers such as CA/Broadcom, DriveLock, Ivanti, Deskcenter and baramundi. Their solutions enable organizations to effectively manage and protect their network endpoints to increase overall productivity and minimize the risk of cyberattacks.

For IT service management, we use proven solutions from CA/Broadcom, Ivanti and USU. These ITIL-compliant solutions facilitate the management of IT infrastructures and services and support compliance with and monitoring of service level agreements (SLAs). The efficient management of IT resources and the improvement of customer service are at the forefront.

In the area of automation and IT operations, we rely on specialized software solutions from CA/Broadcom. These applications are designed to automate routine processes and standardize operational tasks to make IT departments more efficient and responsive. They also provide system and network monitoring capabilities to detect and fix problems before they lead to major outages. By implementing CA/Broadcom solutions, companies can ensure high availability and performance of their IT infrastructure while reducing operating costs.

Endpoint Management | Freedom for your IT department

Our Unified Endpoint Management solutions play a key role in simplifying and harmonizing the management of your IT environment.

They enable efficient management of a wide range of devices, including PCs, servers, laptops, smartphones, tablets, and IoT devices. This frees up valuable resources in your IT department to focus on strategic initiatives.

The centralized control and visibility our solutions provide helps reduce operational costs, minimize security risks, and improve the overall efficiency of your IT infrastructure.

IT Service Management | How Service Orientation Moves an Entire Company Forward

IT Service Management (ITSM) plays a crucial role in organizing and optimizing your enterprise IT services, especially in the context of ITIL guidelines and Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

We offer specific solutions in the areas of incident, problem, change, configuration and request management that are both ITIL compliant and support SLA compliance to make your IT services efficient and effective.

Security | All-round protection as a stable basis

Ensuring cybersecurity is an integral part of our digitalization strategy to successfully run your business. We pay special attention to endpoint protection and user authorization and management.

These measures are essential to ensure the integrity of your IT infrastructure and thus lay the foundation for a profitable business.

In an increasingly connected business world, robustly securing your digital assets is critical.

IT Operations Management | The Interdisciplinary Solution

Efficient IT Operations Management (ITOM) means consolidating all corporate data and identifying and resolving problems at an early stage.
We support your company with specially designed solutions in the areas of infrastructure monitoring, application performance management, log management and end user experience.

With these tailored approaches, we optimize your IT management and take a proactive, data-driven approach to monitoring and improving the IT infrastructure.

Automation | Wherever it makes sense: Routine from the Retort

The ongoing digital transformation enables extensive automation of business processes, microservice architectures and DevOps processes.

This leads to a significant increase in the security and efficiency of your business.

At the same time, automation helps to conserve resources and improve the sustainability of your business processes.

This strategic approach not only optimizes your business processes, but also provides a sustainable way to adapt your company to rapidly changing technological developments.

We work together with these manufacturers:

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