IT workload automation with Automic Automation

Automate your IT workloads with Automic Automation (UC4)

A central aspect of digital transformation is the automation of workloads in an IT landscape. Automic Automation from Broadcom (formerly UC4) is a service orchestration and automation platform to support your digital processes and end-to-end supply chains in the form of job scheduling. The IT solution enables the automation of your applications, platforms and technologies to meet the demands of the modern digital economy.

As an IT consulting company, we understand the complexity of a hybrid IT infrastructure in the cloud and on-premise data centers. We help you to automate the services and workloads in your IT landscape using Automic Automation and integrate an efficient job scheduling platform.

Benefit from the workload automation of your IT landscape with Automic Automation.

Automating and orchestrating services and workloads using Job Scheduling in Automic Automation (formerly UC4) brings many benefits to drive your digital transformation.

Susceptibility to errors

By using cloud automation, you reduce the susceptibility to errors in your IT infrastructure. The manual execution of workloads or services always entails the risk of errors, for example because process steps are not adhered to. Automic Automation enables you to automate the processes, workloads and services in your IT landscape for the infrastructure and applications.


Automation allows you to use your human and technical resources more efficiently and sustainably. Workload automation of repetitive tasks allows your employees to focus on other activities. You also optimize the sustainable use of the IT infrastructure and applications, as automation often has a shorter runtime than manual execution.

Cost optimization

Optimize the costs of your IT landscape with the Automic Automation IT infrastructure solution. Workload and service automation gives you the opportunity to reduce the amount of resources used. The lower capacities required result in potential cost optimizations.


An important characteristic of any IT infrastructure is consistency and the associated security of the IT components. This can be achieved through defined standardization by documenting clear norms and guidelines in the form of policies. Cloud automation with Automic Automation ensures that the defined standards are consistently adhered to and that the security of the components in the IT infrastructure is guaranteed.

Your benefits from Automic Automation (UC4)

  • Seamless integration into your IT infrastructure through a central, unified platform with an extensive catalog of integrations for Hybrid Cloud, Multi-Cloud, on-premise, ERP solutions and much more.
  • Standardization of infrastructure automation from mainframe to micro-services
  • Simplify workload orchestration and service orchestration

Utilize the full potential of automation in your IT infrastructure by using Automic Automation. As an IT consulting company, we support you in the integration of automated service and workload orchestrations within your Hybrid Cloud infrastructure.

Modern automation for Hybrid Cloud workloads

Automation of IT tasks

The Automic Automation Platform enables you to automate repetitive and manual IT tasks, resulting in more efficient use of resources and fewer errors.


Automated processes enable self-service offerings for your end users. As a result, tasks and processes are carried out independently and autonomously.

Regular processes

Recurring processes are carried out automatically. This makes routine work easier and allows your IT team to concentrate on more complex and demanding tasks.

Process control

Automated process control is used to optimize the workflow and increase productivity.


Automated processes are used to quickly and efficiently resolve faults to minimize downtime and maintain productivity.

Advanced planning functions

Advanced scheduling features that allow tasks to be executed according to specific criteria such as time, date, or other triggers.

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Integration of Automic Automation into an enterprise architecture

As an IT consulting company, we understand the complexity and challenge of identifying, implementing and operationalizing potential automations for workloads and services in an IT infrastructure. As a Broadcom partner, we support you in the end-to-end implementation of Broadcom’s Automic Automation (UC4) IT infrastructure solution. The CA solution Automic can be seamlessly integrated into a Multi-Cloud, Hybrid Cloud or on-premise environment. Take advantage of the potential of automation and benefit from a standardized, secure, sustainable and cost-optimized IT landscape.

Our proven end-to-end MAXXOps approach is suitable for greenfield or brownfield integration of Automic Automation.

Due to the complexity of an IT infrastructure and the challenge of identifying potential automation, a holistic approach is a matter of course for us as an IT consulting company. We accompany our customers along the entire digital transformation journey, using our proven end-to-end MAXXOps approach. This approach provides a clear procedure for integrating a new solution such as Automic Automation.

  1. Maturity level and needs analysis
  2. Target definition and gap analysis
  3. Definition of the scope, design and documentation of the target processes
  4. Joint implementation phase and project execution
  5. Support and further development

Regardless of whether you already have an existing IT operations solution or are looking for a completely new solution: With the MAXXOps approach, we enable both brownfield and greenfield implementations of Automic Automation. We also support you in a possible change from your current operating solution and a transition to Automic Automation for workload automation in your IT infrastructure.

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