Automation from Broadcom

Automic Automation from Broadcom is a service orchestration and automation platform that supports digital processes and end-to-end supply chains. It enables the automation of a complex landscape of applications, platforms and technologies to meet the demands of the modern digital economy.

Automic Automation

Automation of IT tasks

The software enables companies to automate repetitive and manual IT tasks, resulting in more efficient use of resources and fewer errors.


Automated processes enable self-service for end users. This allows tasks and processes to be carried out independently and on one's own responsibility.

Regular processes:

Regularly recurring processes are carried out independently. This simplifies routine tasks and allows the IT team to focus on more complex and valuable tasks.

Process control:

Automated process control is used to optimize the workflow and increase productivity.


Automated processes are used to quickly and efficiently resolve faults to minimize downtime and maintain productivity.

Advanced planning functions:

Advanced scheduling features that allow tasks to be executed according to specific criteria such as time, date, or other triggers.

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