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NetOps, or Network Operations, refers to the day-to-day activities, processes, and infrastructure required to design, implement, manage, and monitor a network. The main goal of NetOps is to ensure a stable and efficient network that meets business needs.


Detect network errors at a glance: No problem in the company's internal network. But what about SaaS solutions and cloud applications? These areas are beyond your IT's control and pose a risk to the security and efficiency of your business. Broadcom's AppNeta helps you close the gaps in your network monitoring and regain control of the entire network path.

End-to-end network performance monitoring:

AppNeta provides IT teams with accurate end-to-end visibility into network performance from the end user's perspective, especially for Internet and hybrid cloud applications. This ensures application performance monitoring from an end-user perspective to ensure 100% delivery reliability.

Active and passive monitoring:

The solution combines active synthetic network and application monitoring with passive packet monitoring. This helps IT teams proactively monitor, manage and optimize performance. It does not matter which applications or networks are used.


With AppNeta, you always have an overview of the bandwidth available to you and the performance of external manufacturers and providers. AppNeta grows flexibly with the increasing demands on your IT.

The complete solution for your IT

AppNeta extends your traditional monitoring solution with SaaS and cloud services from external providers and partners and also integrates remote connections from providers.

AppNeta monitors both the applications and the network paths they traverse, displaying the dynamic routing performance of your SD-WAN in real time.

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DX NetOps Spectrum

Error detection and correction:

Spectrum is able to detect and automatically diagnose network problems in real time to identify the root cause of network outages or performance issues.

Alarm management:

The system generates notifications and alerts based on specific network events so IT teams can respond to issues immediately.

Root Cause Analysis:

In the event of a network problem, Spectrum is able to identify the exact cause of the problem, speeding up troubleshooting.

Performance monitoring:

In addition to monitoring network availability, Spectrum can also monitor network performance and report on bandwidth usage, latency and other key metrics.


For service providers, Spectrum offers multi-tenancy capabilities to separately monitor and manage multiple customers' networks.


Spectrum is ideal for large enterprises and organizations because it can monitor large and complex networks.

DX NetOps Performance Management

Comprehensive transparency:

Provides a holistic view of network performance, enabling users to quickly identify and resolve issues.

Anomaly detection:

Using advanced analytics, the system is able to automatically detect anomalies in network traffic and trigger alarms.

User-friendly dashboards:

Customizable dashboards allow users to monitor and report on key performance indicators.

Cloud integration:

Depending on the needs of the business, DX Performance Management can be implemented in the cloud or on-premise.

Multi-tenant and secure user management:

As a Managed Service Provider, you can create multiple customers in DX NetOps Performance Management. Each of these customers can be assigned their own user roles and dashboards. In this way, each customer has full control over their own data.


It can be deployed in large enterprise networks and provides the ability to monitor thousands of devices and applications.

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