Endpoint Management

Relieve your IT department and achieve maximum efficiency

Innovative unified endpoint management solutions ensure centralized and effective management of the IT landscape. With these, we ensure central and effective management of your IT landscape.

Our focus is on enabling you to harmoniously integrate a wide variety of devices – be they PCs, servers, laptops, smartphones, tablets, or IoT devices, stationary or mobile – freeing up valuable resources in your IT department.

As your competent partner in the field of digitization, we accompany your company on the way to optimal device management. Discover our Endpoint Management solutions and let us be your reliable companion.

Why is Endpoint Management the right solution for your business?

  • Maximum efficiency: Our advanced tools and solutions guarantee efficient and time-saving management of your end devices. Optimize your resources and increase the productivity of your IT department.
  • Reduced complexity: Managing a variety of device types and platforms is often a complex task. Endpoint Management minimizes this complexity and ensures stable operation of your IT infrastructure.
  • Scalability: Endpoint Management grows in step with your business. Whether you need to manage 100 or 10,000 endpoints, our solutions dynamically adapt to your needs and support your growth.
  • Security as a priority: We place high priority on the security of your IT infrastructure. With our endpoint management solutions, we implement premium security measures to optimally protect your endpoints and data.
  • Expert Support: Our dedicated support team is always available to help you. We provide professional help with any questions and challenges and ensure that your endpoint management works flawlessly.

Take the next step toward efficient and centralized device management.

Contact us today to benefit from a customized endpoint management solution that perfectly fits your unique needs. Give your IT department the freedom it needs to focus on strategic tasks and unleash the full potential of your IT infrastructure. Increase your efficiency with our Endpoint Management!

The concentrated interaction of all end devices

Simplified software deployment and robust patch management | Achieve more with less effort

Effective software distribution

By using endpoint management solutions, you can efficiently create and distribute software packages, saving valuable time and resources. This allows you to perform software installations and updates quickly and reliably on a wide range of devices without manual intervention. In this way, you not only reduce the administrative effort considerably, but also ensure that your employees are always up to date.

Optimal patch management

Our solutions provide you with versatile patch management options to ensure the security of your software environment. You have the choice to apply patches automatically, manually or rule-based, according to your specific requirements and security policies. Automated updates of software components minimize security risks and protect your company from potential threats.

Safety first:

We place great emphasis on security in our software distribution and patch management solution. Secure communication between systems ensures the integrity of transmitted data, while we also ensure that only authorized users have access to sensitive information to prevent unauthorized access. Rely on endpoint management solutions and benefit from simplified software distribution and robust patch management that help you manage your IT environment efficiently and securely.

Save time with our OS deployment solutions

OS Deployment

OS deployment solutions offer you the opportunity to save valuable time by effortlessly deploying and managing software and operating systems in an organized manner. Regardless of the hardware of your target systems, we enable flexible and automatic installation procedures.

Trouble free installation

Thanks to these solutions, you can efficiently install software and operating systems on a wide range of devices without wasting precious resources. This flexible approach allows you to seamlessly manage and deploy different versions of operating systems and applications.

Automated installation

Automated installation procedures minimize manual tasks and reduce potential sources of error. Intuitive interfaces allow you to easily configure and customize your deployment processes.


Whether you manage a large IT infrastructure or run a small business, OS deployment solutions are scalable to fit your unique needs. You can use your time and resources more efficiently by automating repetitive tasks and optimizing your workflow.

Mobile device management in your company

Automated management of all mobile devices

With innovative software solutions, we ensure efficient and automated management of all your mobile devices. Whether it's a smartphone, laptop or PDA, we enable centralized control that helps your organization manage the device landscape to optimize your IT infrastructure and use resources effectively.

Remote Control | Remote repair and maintenance work

Relieve the load on your infrastructure and optimize your processes:

With our solutions, you can take the strain off your VPN connections and your entire company infrastructure by carrying out maintenance and repair work remotely.

- Rollout and deployment of security profiles via the Internet
- Relieve already intensively used remote connections
- No additional infrastructure required

Benefit from our solutions that enable you to access your IT systems and perform administrative tasks efficiently and stress-free from any location. This saves resources and optimizes your processes.

Asset Management

Do you need a comprehensive overview of your hardware inventory? IT Asset Management provides you with seamless and effective management of your IT assets. Maximum flexibility and structure through customizable frameworks and freely definable asset types. A clear overview not only promotes efficiency, but is also easy on your budget.


Has the inventory of devices in your company grown and at the same time you have lost track of it? With a complete, always up-to-date and cross-platform inventory of your infrastructure, you keep track of everything. Gain a comprehensive overview of your entire IT landscape Avoid unnecessary new purchases and bad investments Get investment security.

License Management

Bring your license management up to date: Identify unused programs and make licenses available. This allows you to efficiently optimize software spending in your company. Optimization of the budget and minimization of software expenses Quickly and easily adjust software licenses by uninstalling unused programs and redistributing them Improvement of the associated contracts in consideration of compliance Automated procurement, use and distribution of software licenses.

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