MAXXYS Support

High service quality with simultaneous economic efficiency

The MAXXYS AG Support Center is much more than just an ordinary helpdesk. It is a technical center that specializes in providing efficient and timely IT solutions for various challenges. Our team consists of certified IT experts who are specially trained in the technologies of our partners such as CA/Broadcom, DriveLock, Ivanti and other manufacturers. We offer fast response times and processes to minimize downtime. In addition to troubleshooting, our services include regular system checks and updates to ensure a secure and efficient IT infrastructure. Our goal is to increase your IT performance and maximize your satisfaction.

Support requests

By phone and e-mail:
Mon – Fri from 8:00 to 17:00
extended support 24/7 available on request


for software updates and
Product transition upgrades

Best Practice

Experienced troubleshooting through
our trained IT experts

Detailed and fast problem analysis

MAXXYS AG provides you with a team of specialists. Since each of our specialists has specific product knowledge, you always have a competent contact person at your side who can bring about a detailed and rapid problem analysis.

First and second level support

Our first-level support covers acceptance, categorization, initial assessment and possible quick interim solutions. Second-level support is activated when first-level support cannot find a quick solution. It goes deeper into the professional and technical issues.


For deployed and licensed products, we provide all updates and release upgrades free of charge during the term of the maintenance contract.

Immediate help

In case of serious malfunctions that cannot be solved over the phone, we can perform the problem and error analysis remotely upon your request.

Service hotline

+49 6441 21004 22