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CloudExpo 2024 - Eliminate the blind spots within your cloud network infrastructure.

Learn how to optimize your cloud network infrastructure from the CloudExpo 2024 presentation.

At CloudExpo 2024, Fernano Nogueras Alvarez gave a presentation on how you can revolutionize your cloud network infrastructure strategy.

You can download the presentation documents here.

Cloud Network Monitoring with AppNeta: Eliminating the Blind Spots introduced by today´s Hybrid, Multi-Cloud Environments

Your way to modern Cloud Monitoring for complete visibility into your network.

Gartner analysts estimate that by 2025, 51% of IT spending will have shifted to the public cloud. When it comes to application software, the number is even higher, with spending in the cloud expected to grow to 65.9%1.

For IT and Network Operations teams, the impact of these transitions has been significant, introducing mounting challenges. While reliance upon these dynamic, hybrid and multi-cloud environments continues to be increasingly business critical, operations teams continue to contend with dwindling resources, decreasing visibility, and a lack of control.

Why Cloud Network Monitoring is important

  • Cloud Cost Management: One of the major benefits of leveraging Cloud technology is the capability to manage and reduce costs. The integration of Cloud Network Monitoring using NetApp by Broadcom enables a full transparency of all network resources deployed in your Cloud infrastructure environment, e.g. details about the used bandwidth and volumes of data transfers. This information would help you to keep the control over your infrastructure costs in the Cloud. A combination of NetApp for Cloud Network Monitoring and the approach of Financial Operations (FinOps) would enable your company to identify cost reduction potential within your Cloud environment.
  • Cloud Network Security: The Cloud network resources are the “backbone” of your Cloud environment. Without a connection or an interface between the different technology components and layers, it would not be possible to run and operate your Cloud infrastructure. Due to this, the reliability and the resilience of the network services are important. To increase the security of your Cloud network infrastructure, NetApp by Broadcom provides a holistic view on all network components for real-time monitoring to avoid security breaches and network outages.
  • Business Continuity Management (BCM): In case of a failure, the outage of the Cloud network infrastructure would be critical for your business. By implementing NetApp, the network operations team would have a transparent view on the availability of all network resources within your environment. In a disaster recovery scenario, NetApp would help you to reduce the recovery time objective (RTO) and reduce the impact on your business.

The White Paper…

  • outlines some of the key challenges teams confront as they seek to address the requirements.
  • describes how teams can do cloud monitoring, and gain visibility into the network delivery paths between users, managed infrastructure, cloud environments, and business-critical applications.

Learn how…

  • you can gather data for both outbound and inbound routes with active monitoring
  • a solution provides the application, user, and network visibility that gives you confidence in your operations
  • performance monitoring for any cloud architecture and over any network enhances network visibility across your organization

Download the white paper and the CloudExpo presentation documents here